Heintzmann Australia Pty. Ltd. was founded as a joint-venture in the year 2010.

The companies behind the joint-venture are the Heintzmann Group - a family-owned group, strongly connected with the mining industry for many decades - and RGN Mining Services - established in 2006 as a service provider offering a wide range of mining related services.

Together with the associated companies of the Heintzmann Group in Europe and United States we are in a position to combine global experience with local knowledge to develop new technical solutions.

We are commited towards building a trusted relationship with our customers by offering quality products and services.

We look forward to providing you more information.

You may contact us at 02-43554545 or 276-964-7413


Heintzmann Australia, The Entrance, NSW, 2261, Australien

17 Lucca Road, Wyong NSW 2259, Australia

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